Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to villagebike.com. What is the Villagebike? Villagebike is a name I came up with for leads that are being sold over and over and over again. I’m not slinging mud; I’m just telling it like it is. Twenty-seven years in business. It comes from the West Coast. The guys out in California, the guys out in Illinois saying the same names over and over and over. Originally, it’s that old FNIN stuff, and it just keeps popping up and, you know what, not very professional. When they keep selling the same names over and over again, I mean– no kidding, no lying—two, three accounts a week I pick up, and the biggest problem these people have is there is no suppression.

Suppression means when I sell you a name, I make sure I don’t sell you that name again. Suppression means when I buy a list, I say, ‘Hey, send me the phone numbers. Let me see how much I own. Let me see how much is village bike, how much is litigators,—yeah, we’ll talk about that some other time—how much is on the ‘do not call’, how much is from Pennsylvania and the bad states, and how many trouble makers are in there. There’s an actual science to this, and how we buy our leads.

The Villagebike consists of, maybe, 300,000 names all together. That’s what I’ve been able to identify. And although I’ve talked badly about it, what I have found out is there’s that shopper out there that just doesn’t care, and wants to pay the cheapest possible price they can. There’s no logic. There’s no reason to it. They want cheap. And you know what? I’ll give ‘em cheap. Fifty thousand of the same stuff you buy from those guys out in the West Coast and in Illinois, 7 and a half cents. That’s thirty-five hundred dollars for 50,000. And I’ll prove it to ya. I’ll send you the 300,000 phone numbers so you can see it’s the same stuff you’re buying from them. If you buy 10,000, you’re down to a quarter, 25¢ a name. So, if you want that—What’s the difference? The difference is it’s older. The difference is it’s been passed around like the villagebike. It’s been ridden by everybody. I’m not saying there’s not deals in there, but what I’m telling you is you don’t need to pay a dollar or even 50¢ for that stuff.

If you have any questions, gimme a call- John Fischer: 561-981-8777. Thank you for your time, and God bless.

After 25 years of being in the lead business, specializing in accredited investors, I’ve made some big observations… The biggest one being the sheer amount of leads that many list brokers share and trade. When we buy leads, we always ask for phone numbers to do a suppression (comparing the numbers against those that you own to identify the unique numbers you haven’t ever purchased before) Throughout years of buying leads, I’ve found that the vast majority of leads are being sold over and over again by several different brokers. The problem became so severe that I actually had to stop buying and trading leads from any and all companies from California and Illinois.

Since I’ve been in this industry for so long, I’ve met and become friendly with many of the lead brokers that own these companies, and while I don’t want to bad mouth them personally, I’ll never buy from or trade with them. These “trunk lead” brokers are one man operations and work out of the trunks of their cars. They’re only interest is instant gratification; instead of providing exclusive leads to their clients, they’ll sell their files to the largest lead-broker in Illinois. He pays instant cash and has ten guys on the phone, and before these trunk lead boys give their own clients a fighting chance, the list has been smashed to pieces. When the “trunk lead” broker’s clients go to call their “fresh” leads, all they ever hear is, “this is the tenth phone call I’ve gotten today! Don’t call me!”

We call these leads:

The Village Bike

Ridden By Everybody

The Village Bike does have its uses…

  1. Practice Leads for new brokers
  2. Bulk leads to fill up a larger firm’s dialer
  3. The best value leads for cheap bosses who refuse to pay for quality
  4. Filling orders with very specific geographic targeting requirements

We ping all of our leads, with a disconnect rate below 10%. We’ll replace all wrong numbers, disconnects, and idiots. It’s rare to find them, but we’re grateful when clients can help us eliminate trash from our database.

With your SAN Number, we’ll scrub your leads for free

If you don’t have a SAN Number, we’ll get you one. With a SAN, you can call in 5 free area codes and pay to call in any more. We are happy to help set you up with a SAN, and will even rescrub your leads every 30 days for free. If you’d rather take responsibility for DNC-suppression and scrub your leads in-house, that’s fine too. In that case, all we will need is for you to sign an indemnity letter that releases us from responsibility if you get hit with a DNC violation.

We don’t have the heart to charge $1.00-$0.50 quantity

We charge $0.15-$0.075 – What we know they’re worth


10000+ Leads


25000+ Leads


50000+ Leads

Minimum Order – $500 (2500 Leads)

If you’d like proof that you’re receiving no doubles, send us your previously purchased leads with each new order and we’ll check to make sure we’re not selling them back to you. Unlike our friends on the west coast, we’ll never sell you the same number twice!